About Chery

I teach Self Love with PresenceYoga and treat clients with gentle, trained, experienced hands and 25 years of experience as a therapist. I am the owner/manager of Mountain Valley Retreat, a residential and overnight guest glamping retreat in the mountains of San Diego's backcountry. I love PCT hikers, hiking, dancing, painting, going to the beach, getting bodywork, holding my grandbaby, singing, petting my cats, sleeping, staring at campfires, silence, serving my clients, hanging out in my watsu float pool, howling at the moon, traveling to new places with friends, taking photographs, drumming circles, giving hand massage to old hands, watching the moon rise over the desert from Turtle Rock, music jams, singing and playing my guitar, free writing, sharing cool off the grid hikes with guests, soaking in my hot tub, laughing, potlucks with friends, hanging upside down, practicing innocence, being a PCT trail angel, working in my garden, cuddle puddles, preparing food from my garden, teaching pelvic floor yoga at Esalen Institue, riding horses, hosting retreats at Mountain Valley Retreat and all fun childlike behaviors. I am Yoga.